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Email of the Day

Dating While Raising Underage Children

Dear Dr. Laura,

I live in San Diego and as you might have seen in the news, a young woman, 34 years old, was found murdered on Thanksgiving. She leaves behind her 13 year old daughter. The suspect, who has been arrested, is her ex-boyfriend.

You list all of the very good reasons for not dating when you have underage children such as possibly bringing a pedophile into your home and that it takes away time you spend with your kids.

Well I was just thinking this is another good reason not to date. What does your poor child do if your crazy ex murders you? Or worse, comes into your home and murders you and your kids. I know it sounds kind of silly or even paranoid, but it happens and it happens more often than it maybe once did. We live in a dangerous society. I feel so profoundly sad for this teenaged girl who is now without her Mom.

I am thankful to not be facing these hardships. I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter and an amazing life. By following your advice I think everyone could be as happy as we are. Thank you for fighting the good fight.


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