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Letters From Listeners

Dear Future Daughter-In-Law

Dear Dr. Laura,

I can only assume the author of this article is a listener of yours. Reading her words reminded me so much of your teachings!

This author wrote a letter to her future daughter-in-law. Even though her son is still just a kid, she's already making a few promises to his future wife. I thought you'd really appreciate this woman's train of thought. I wish more mothers of little boys, including my own mother, were willing to realize early on how much power they can have in their child's future marriage.

Dear Future Daughter-In-Law...

"Dear future daughter-in-law,

I don’t want to screw this up! I really, really don’t.

My oldest son came out to me as “straight” a few years ago, and he’s a real romantic who has mentioned on numerous occasions that he’d love to be married someday. This would eventually make me a mother-in-law to you, my daughter-in-law, and as we all know, that relationship has had a nasty reputation for centuries and centuries as being one of the most volatile ones known to mankind. I’d like to think that you and I could be the exception."

Please click here to read the entire article: Dear future daughter-in-law…

Thanks for preaching' and teaching'. My entire household loves and appreciates you!


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