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Letters From Listeners

Deployed Military Member Knows Why Men Need Women

Here is an email to my wife. Keep in mind that we’ve been married for over 20 years:

Love, I sent flowers-should be there tomorrow. I love you more each day and figured out why I went on this final TDY - the churches go on mission trips and apparently so do I. I always get excited when I talk to you and have a hard time calming down. I feel so good when I see you even if it's on the computer and when I hear your voice. I feel important and loved, like when I am with the kids, but with you it is a little different since you chose me out of everyone else. You are so wonderful.

I look into your eyes and I still melt. You give me so much strength, but I can be unguarded when I am with you. You also give me more pleasure than I imagined was possible. I can't imagine life without you near me. I always dreamt of someone who loved me almost as much as you, but you love me more than even that. I figure you should hear or read these things from me because you should know how special you are to me. And you are so special to our family. I can tell you more things than ever because you are so easy to talk to and I trust you and I love you. Lots. I am glad you trust me and you deserve someone you can trust you've been through a lot in your life.

I hope I can continue to be the husband you deserve, the boyfriend who still gives you goosebumps, and the father who continues to lead our family. It's not really about you choosing as much as it is about me continuing to earn it through hard work and dedication. You deserve it, my love. And I am glad you chose me.  I thank God every day for allowing this. I thank you for allowing me to serve you. I get much joy out of it. That's why I am always doing something around the house for you. It's not about me and should never have been like when we first married it was about me. But I learned. I'm a slow learner sometimes. Of course it's about glorifying God, but it's also about you and our family.

Promise me that when I come home you will spend more time on the step stool reaching for items on the top shelf in the kitchen - you look so hot doing that! And you can count on me being around the corner staring.  And yes I'll end up getting it for you, so don't get too mad that I took so long and just stared. I love you and I will continue to show you.

-Your boyfriend, Dave


Honey, I was tearing up when I was reading your email. You always have a way of expressing how much you love me and I get all mushy and start crying and missing you more. I feel so much love from you and it makes me feel good to know someone could love me that much. It is almost not believable. We have so much in common and we both enjoy the same things, which is amazing. We have our ups and downs and act silly sometimes, but our love grows stronger. We get separated so many times because of deployments but when you come back it seems we just get back to normal again. I love you so much! -Your girlfriend always.

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