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Letters From Listeners

Differences Between a Boy and a Man!

Dr. Laura,

I thought you might like the below copied from a Facebook friend (and a real man):

Boys ask questions... Men give answers!!!
Boys play house... Men build homes!!!
Boys shack up... Men get married!!!
Boys make babies... Men raise children!!!
A Boy won't raise his own children... A Man will raise his and someone else's!!!
Boys invent excuses for failure... Men produce strategies for success!!!
Boys look for somebody to take care of them... Men look for someone to take care of!!!
Boys seek popularity… Men demand respect and know how to give it!

TO ALL THE MEN... I TAKE MY HAT OFF TO YOU FOR HOLDING YOUR OWN AND HANDLING YOUR BUSINESS!!! I know it gets hard out here sometimes, and you get discouraged...but keep your head up you and will reap your just rewards!!!

This applies to all the boys out there... MAN UP!!!!


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