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Email of the Day

Do The Right Thing, Be Nice, and Tell the Truth

Dear Dr. Laura:

Six years ago, my wife left me for one of my best friends.  I was devastated.  She refused to tell me why she left, other than to say she did not want "this life," and I was unsure what that meant.  The worst thing for me was that I didn't know she was unhappy.  Looking back, I realized I was a nice husband, but not a good husband.

I'd never heard of you before my divorce until a friend of mine said I should listen to you.  At first, I thought you were an arrogant Ph.D. who liked to hear herself talk, but I kept listening, and listening, and listening.  Before I knew it, you had me really look at myself in every aspect of my life.  Do the right thing; be nice; tell the truth - all things we learn in kindergarten but forget as adults.  

I am far from perfect, but thanks to you, I am moving closer to it.  I have found a new best friend - and I married her.  We dated over two years (my children are adults).  She is way above me, and I love her more than I thought I could love anyone.  I wake up every morning, see her and remind myself this isn't a dream.  I'm so glad I continued to listen to you and didn't let my first impression hold sway.  I'm very grateful for you, Dr. Laura.  Keep it up!


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Tags: Behavior, Choose Wisely-Treat Kindly, Marriage, Personal Responsibility, Values
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