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Letters From Listeners

Don't Blame TV, Blame the Parents

Dr. Laura,

My dad had gotten tickets to a football game and we decided to go for some father-daughter bonding time. After the game, we walked to the metro station to head home. It was crowded and our team had won a qualifying match.

I noticed a group of adults with a boy who must have been no older than eight-years-old (I'm assuming two of the adults were his parents). They were throwing a ball back and forth at the boy in the crowd while we were entering the station and heading towards a staircase going down. They didn't watch where they were going and could have easily pushed someone down the stairs. Next, the adult man (who I'm assuming was the dad) screamed to the boy about how our team "kicked the other team's ass." Then later, the man started chanting the other team "sucks". I admit that these are harmless words compared to what other words could have been said. I also admit I don't have the cleanest mouth at times too. But I would never imagine using that kind of language or behavior in front of a child. Children do not often comprehend when and where to use inappropriate language.

If we see children acting rude or obnoxiously, we don't have to blame TV. It's happening right in front of them at home.


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