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Letters From Listeners

Don't Learn The Hard Way

Dr. Laura,

I heard you say 10 years ago to not seek out estranged, lost, or unknown birth parents. I remember you specifically saying "Let sleeping dogs lie."

We thought we would be the exception to the rule when trying the reach out to a birth father that left when we were very young. We are now adults with families. In this digital age, we found him five years ago. It was a perfect reunion. That's what I thought at least.
Within no time, he had disappeared out of our lives and left our kids with questions. We caused the cycle to continue! Please remind your listeners, don't go looking for answers from those that procreate but can't be real parental figures. Don't learn the hard way.

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Tags: Adoption, Adult Child-Parent, Bad Childhood-Good Life, Behavior, Parenting, Response to a Comment
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