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Email of the Day

Dreaming of a Red, White and Blue Christmas

Hello Dr. Laura,

Please help us pay tribute to our Military Families during this time of the year. Often times we only pay tribute to them during 4th of July / Veterans and Memorial Days. However speaking from personal experience, the holidays are especially difficult when you have a loved one deployed serving our country elsewhere. I am a long time listener and fan. Even had the pleasure of calling in and speaking to you on 2 occasions. Your guidance was priceless. Thank You!!!

I also need to give you credit for helping me raise my daughter. You would be so proud to know she is a young woman who has a huge heart and a good head on her shoulders. Please keep doing what you do because you never know who is listening and how much you impact the listener and their family.

Below is a link to a video my daughter made to pay tribute to our Military Families. She recorded this song and put together a video with pictures military families sent in, most of them have a deployed family member right now. The families received gift baskets for Christmas.

Please consider sharing this video/tribute with all the Dr. Laura listeners and any Military organizations that may benefit from it.. We want to make sure they know someone cares all year round!!!

Thank you,

Tags: Christmas, deployment, Holidays, Military, Values, Veterans
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