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Email of the Day

Enjoying True Happiness
IconAt 21 years old I found out I was pregnant out of wedlock. My mom immediately fronted the money for me to have an abortion. She told me my life would be miserable if I had the baby.  I mentioned adoption because I didn't think I could do it, and she convinced me that would be a terrible decision because adopting out my baby would scar me for life.  Abortion on the other hand would only be a "few hours of discomfort" and then I would have a huge amount of "relief because the stress would be gone". One of the biggest regrets in my life is that I followed her advice. A few months later my mom and I were at a restaurant eating breakfast. There was a lady sitting there who was surrounded with four kids. After a few minutes my mom motioned towards the family and said, "I bet that lady doesn't even have a college degree."  That made me so angry! All the beauty and love sitting around the lady, and my mom was blind to that! All I could say was, "I bet she is happy." I took a good look at how my mom had failed to raise me into an adult. I was never given morals or taught responsibility both which lead to my innocent baby being murdered. I truly regret taking my mom's advice. It is not painless and there is an eternal scar left on your heart. I can't imagine ever giving that advice to my daughter. I am trying to become the kind of woman I would want my kids to have as a mom. I want to be the mom I wish I had had. Over the next few years I started listening to you, and I am now a happy stay at home mommy to my two beautiful babies and a girlfriend to my husband. I strive everyday to be a better person, mommy, and wife. I now realize my mom is too selfish to enjoy true happiness. C.
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