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Letters From Listeners

Favorite Family Christmas Stories

Recently, Dr. Laura posted on;  During holiday gatherings, family members often share stories. What's YOUR favorite family story?

Here are just a few responses:

Sara: My favorite is when my daughter was 4. That year (2 years ago actually) on Christmas morning she gave me a hug and in front of my family and PARENTS she said, "Mommy, I love your nipples."

Lauren: My husband and I are foster parents, and one year three beautiful girls moved in with us just a few days before Christmas. When they moved in they received a small bag of school supplies and clothes from the department. We shopped in a hurry and made sure they had gifts for Christmas, but we didn't really think about getting gifts for them to give. The day before Christmas all three girls were hiding in rooms wrapping all of the items they had in their bag to give to each other and to my husband and I. I will never forget little Kyla gave my husband all of her pencils. She could have just given one, or several and saved some for herself... but she gave them all. It was a beautiful Christmas.

Paula: I am an only child and my parents were divorced so our Christmas holidays were pretty small. I'm married now (no children) so I really appreciate celebrating the holidays with my husband's family which consisted of 5 brothers, their wives, our nieces and nephews and his sweet parents.

Robin: My favorite was the year I spent it in Hawaii with the mother of my children, my daughter was 6 and my son was 2. When my wife and I were shopping for presents at the mall near the hotel, we heard a happy scream and turned around to see our son running through the mall in his nighttime diaper yelling "daddy... mommy!" The whole mall stopped in their tracks... priceless!
Janice: When my brother and I were children, 45+ years ago, we were decorating the tree. Mom couldn't get one of the lights on the string to work and was getting quite frustrated. My brother laughingly picked up a knife, said, "Here, try this." Much to our surprise and horror, Mom said, "Ok" and eagerly reached for the knife. Ben and I both jumped to our feet, yelling "NO!" That was the year we ALMOST electrocuted Mom.
Debbie: A few years ago, amid all the wrapping paper and boxes and toys galore, an ornery grandpa mad a paper airplane and started a war. We spent a great part of the day shooting planes at each other and ignoring all the expensive gifts! What a fun day!

Lea: Mine is when I was about 10.  My Dad was without a full time job. He was remodeling homes to bring in money, (it was the 80's when building was at a total stop). We all knew money was super super tight in our family. Our tree was in the family room,and on Christmas morning, my mom kept the all the curtains is the house closed.  Strange but who cared; it was gift opening time! The last 3 boxes, my two sisters and I had to open at the same time. To say the least, we were confused: a curry brush, new halter, lead rope, and cowboy boots. We had been taking riding lessons and all we could think was these things were for the horses we rode every week. Then mom pulled the curtains back and there in the backyard, staring at the sliding glass door was the most beautiful horse!! OUR HORSE!! Many years later, I found out Dad had traded remodeling of someone's house to get the horse and tack. Money that should of gone toward bills or food, but my dad wanted us girls to have a horse so he and Mom gave up that money so our Christmas would be special!
Jo: Every Christmas Eve we went next door to my Grandma's house. And every time we came home there would be brand new PJ's waiting on our beds. We loved going to sleep to wait for Santa in our new 'Night Gowns'!

Frank: Several years ago I was playing Santa for a local charity which saw that needy children had a Christmas. One of my stops was to a girl about 9. When I went in the apartment I could see they did indeed need help with Christmas as there was only a bare scragley looking tree and no presents. The girl's mom (a single mother) said her daughter was playing with her friend at the other end of the apartment building and would I wait. I assured her I would. When the girl came home my fears were confirmed - she brought her friend. The little girl asked me if I had anything for her friend. I had to admit I didn't as she wasn't on my list and made up some story I would be making another trip and maybe then. "That's ok Santa!" the girl exclaimed, "I will give her some of mine!" I then watched as she divided her presents with her friend. To this day I am thankful for that little girl who showed me (Santa Claus) the TRUE MEANING of Christmas.

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