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Letters From Listeners

Feminism and the War Against Boys

Dear Dr. Laura,

I heard your interview with Christina Hoff Sommers the author of the books on feminism issues and definitely agree with her. I appreciated the subject and immediately went online and ordered the books.

One of you during the interview mentioned the AAUW (American Association of University Women) and why they weren't doing any thing about the feminist issues. I think many of them are also members of NOW and they would not agree with the premise of the subject in the books. I can only speak for the three AAUW's of which I had been affiliated at one time in the past. All of the members have college degrees and tend to be on the liberal side of the fence - many are extreme left politically and would probably have something to say about forsaking all the work of the suffragettes. I don't think this would be the group to carry the banner.

One would think the YWCA would be more conservative but I was the director of a YWCA for a brief period and found this organization to be very liberal. One of their tenets is "to empower women" and some of their literature reads like a Dale Carnegie course for the feminist movement.

I am looking forward to reading "Who Stole Feminism" and "The War Against Boys" and again thank you for your program. I have been a listener for more than 20 years when you where on KFOX or KABC when I lived in Torrance, CA. 18 years ago I moved to South Dakota and had to install an XM radio to get your broadcast. I have all of your books and read most of them.



Tags: Abuse, Feminism, Rape, Social Issues
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