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Letters From Listeners

First Love, Young Love

I met my first love working at a fast food restaurant just after high school. She was caring and a hard worker like me. She was very beautiful and had eyes that smiled all the time.

During our relationship which was like a whirlwind, we experienced many places and had many good times. From romantic meals to walks on the ocean, we shared some very special moments. She was also very responsible. While finishing up high school and going into college she was the one who supported her mother and brother. Family was important to her. Most of all she was very friendly to my all my friends. She became part of the group very quickly and I saw no one else who could be in my life. My friends echoed the sentiment and to this day they say the same thing. I wanted to be with no one but her and would have married her had time allowed.

The more I was with her, the more I did not want to be apart. Alas this was an issue, for we moved in together and that became our downfall. I had adored her too much and had in essence cut many others out of my life to be with her. When we broke up she said "You did nothing wrong but maybe you should have not been so nice." I ran into her just the other day after many years and still got the same sweaty palms and jitters as we talked. Though we laughed about how times had passed, I knew that in the end life turned out just fine!

Mr. D.

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