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Email of the Day

Focusing On What Is Really Important

I listened to the callers you had recently who were talking about the silver lining in this crazy pandemic situation.  I have many silver linings.  As a parent of three daughters, this is typically the time of year when our lives are absolutely crazy.  Between the sports teams they play on and "end of school year" events, we are hardly ever home as a family and dinner is often a quick run to a drive thru.  However, over the past few weeks, I've had time to actually cook with my kids - teaching them valuable lessons they will always use. And seeing the pride on their faces as we sat down to eat a dinner they made was priceless.

We have a pool table in our basement that we also hardly use, but now my husband and I can teach them how to play.  My friends and I have time to do meetings over the internet to check in on each other.  I've talked and texted with them more over the past two weeks than ever before.  Our small community is putting together virtual "birthday parades" for all the kids who cannot celebrate with their friends at parties.

My husband said that he heard a woman in Italy say that God was punishing us with this virus outbreak.  I think just the opposite - that He is forcing us to focus on what is really important!

Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Choose Wisely-Treat Kindly, Parenting, Women's Point of View
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