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Email of the Day

Get Your Legs Rested

Dear Dr. Laura,

I know you say you're not much of a runner, but I wanted you to know you were my training buddy for a recent San Diego half marathon. You and I ran 260.5 miles during the course of 12 weeks. You were with me every step of the way via your podcast and I am so thankful. Running a half marathon was a huge life goal for me and if I hadn't been listening to you on every run I don't think I would have made it. You and I ran the half marathon Sunday, June 1st and finished! Our time wasn't amazing but that's okay, rather than training for pace we trained to not collapse!

Thank you SO much for being my running partner! Get your legs rested because I am signing us up for another race in the near future!



P.S. Here is a picture of me holding our finisher's medal, surrounded by my supportive husband and two daughters.  You're nestled snugly in my armband!



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