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Email of the Day

Getting Back On Track

Dear Dr. Laura:

I purchased your online course "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" last summer.  I watched the videos twice.  My husband and I married young, and after forty years, four kids, nine grandkids (and two on the way), we both jokingly tell everyone we "ran off the dock, jumped in and started our life together."  We were so sure and so happy.  The joke is that neither of can swim.

Somewhere around empty nest time, I became "that woman" - the one you say, "would you want to come home to you??"  I was bitchy, always right in whatever I said, and angry about everything he did or didn't do.  I hated my job.   I read your books and took your video class.  I listened carefully and did absorb it all.  I got a different job, changed my tone, and changed my overall attitude.  

We both became each other's boyfriend and girlfriend - not each other's parent, and not the boss of each other or a dictator.  We exchanged loving, sweet and kind words.  We started flirting and teasing lovingly, with lots of innuendo involved.  It was the most fun we'd had in years.  Thank you for getting us back on track.  And yes, I want to live like this "from now until dead."  You gave us the best 40th-anniversary gift ever!

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Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Choose Wisely-Treat Kindly, Marriage, The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, Values
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