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Letters From Listeners

Getting Her Tubes Tied

Dear Dr. Laura,

First, I'd like to let you know that in our home you are known as "Mama Laura" and that you are one of the truths we keep in high regard to being congruent with our morals and beliefs, everything else that doesn't align is suspect.

I came home today to my husband tearing up in the garage after listening to a call you took. I'm not sure when you took the call as the program was saved on his Sirius account...Regardless; he found the call and had me listen to it. It was a young woman who had called for your advice regarding when an appropriate time was to get pregnant after securing a new job. You told her to get her tubes tied. You told her lots of great, sage, words of wisdom...none of it was being heard by her. I know this because she was laughing in response to or as a result of you advice.

I cried
I cried with my husband in our garage
I cried because I was that woman not too many years ago
I cried because I no longer am that woman and I am so thankful for that
I cried and hugged my husband
I cried in thanks for you
I cried because I am my kid's mom and I am my husband's wife because of YOU

Thank you!

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