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Tip of the Week

Goal Setting

By Syndee Hendricks

Most people want to be successful, wouldn't you agree? Whether it is at home, work, affiliations, social settings, etc. most of us want to feel the rewards of success: achievement, happiness and fulfillment, right?
What I have found is that even though most people want all that, a very few are willing to do the work that it takes to create success in most areas, unless you are extremely lucky.

As I worked in various positions in my management career, people said to me: "Oh, you have the easy task-job-position-area of responsibility. That is why you are so successful. Over and over again.

However, those same people were not willing to put in the time, energy, and passion that I was to earn that success. In some of those positions, it took eighty hours per week most weeks and one week it was one hundred hours!

This year I have accomplished over twenty major goals or projects while working my speaking, writing, coaching and consulting business and doing monthly philanthropic work because I am passionate about my work.
Some of those projects are three websites for my businesses, one published book, three published workbooks, my next book outline, a tele-class with a business friend co-facilitating, and a recorded mediation on CD.  My secret?  Read on.

Beside passion, goal setting is my big secret that is responsible for my ability to have such a high productivity and ability to accomplish many goals. There are several components for maximizing productivity of which I am happy to share one here.

I have developed the "What, How, Why and Who Goal Setting Plan". I believe the most important component to my plan is the "Why". If you are not clear on your "why" of achieving your goal, the passion that is a huge ingredient and driver to accomplishing that goal is diminished.

If you don't know how you are going to accomplish your goal or you haven't thought about who can assist you in the areas you need help, your goal may never be met. A Project Worksheet will lay out both of those important areas to give you a road map to goal achievement! The main components are Project Name, Target Completion Date, Support, and Action Items with details. Related items are available free on my website.

  • WHAT: Set realistic goals with specific details. Make sure your goal is something that you really want to achieve. 

  • HOW: Plan your work. Set an action plan with dates and create a Project Worksheet for large projects/goals

  • WHY: Be sure you know your reason for wanting to achieve your goals

  • WHO: Find qualified people to assist you in areas needed

Put this information on your Project Worksheet and voile'...goal achieved! Let success of goal achievement be your friend. And though I still work long hours, I've now been happily married for nearly twenty years!

Syndee Hendricks is an award winning entrepreneur, Speaker, Published Author, Intuitive Self-Mastery Coach & Business Consultant who has decades of experience, an extraordinary level of integrity, and insightful gifts that will get and keep your attention.  She strategizes to connect passion and purpose with your dreams and goals accelerating your journey to success, happiness, and life fulfillment for powerful results! For more tips visit Permission granted for use on

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