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Letters From Listeners

Gold Medal Stay at Home Dad

My husband and I started a business and I went back to work for the first time in 20 years. We joined the Chamber of Commerce and I went to hear an Olympic gold medalist speak even though I know 0 about the Olympics. There were empty seats toward the front so I sat there and asked the gentleman next to me what he did. He told me he was stay at home dad to his 2 girls age 1 and 3. He was clearly very proud of what he did. I was impressed without knowing who he was. This was Jimmy Shea, our speaker and I had no clue. He said raising his kids was not very different from training as a professional athlete, he does everything he does with total passion. He is a 3rd generation gold medalist and said kids are pushed too hard to compete in sports today and his family never pushed him. You would love this man and I thought of this when I watched your video on stay at home dads. Here was a man manly enough and able to embrace what he is doing. I am certain his wife is still able to see him as a hero.

By the way, my son is a Marine. Listening to you really helped me to understand and be proud of what he is doing.


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