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Letters From Listeners

Good Parenting

Dear Dr.Laura, 

A couple of weeks ago went to the food court at local store which reminded me of the caller whose husband was complaining about shopping at Costco.

A gentleman and his 2 boys sat next to me. After a few minutes of observing the father and boys, I can say my hot dog and pizza was enjoyable. I congratulated him on his parents skills. I told him that the boys were very well mattered and polite. The boys even said grace, without the father having to say anything . They talked and laughed and even cleaned up the mess they had made.

I told the father that Dr. Laura would be so proud of you and your parenting skills! The man asked who you were. I immediately put on your show. They just listened, no fighting they just listened and answered questions.

Who knew grocery shopping and Dr. Laura would be so much fun on Sunday?! Thank you Dr.Laura for all you do. Been listening to you since 1981!

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Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Parenting, Raising Boys to Men, Response to a Call, Values
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