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Email of the Day

Gooey Kisses and Gummy Smiles

Dear Dr. Laura,

They posted my job description this week. Soon I will be some unknown name on an old found document that has no meaning anymore. Business will go on as usual. Sure some will miss me, but as time goes on, I will fade from their memories. I am good at my job, and have always felt appreciated and valued there. But I am replaceable. I will be replaced by someone who will perform even better than I did. And to be honest, it is an odd feeling realizing after twelve years in the work field that I am just a name on the payroll who can easily be inserted with someone new.

However, there is one job where I am not replaceable - one job where I will always be remembered. That is being my kids' mom. I am the one who teaches my toddler matters of the heart. It is I who makes sure my four month old receives physical therapy stretches five times a day. I am the one who gets to experience my toddler discovering a ladybug for the first time. I am the one who gets to see for the first time my four month old roll over. Not a relative, not a caring childcare provider, not a stranger at a daycare, but me! Mommy - the one who encouraged this human being to develop inside of me, the one who endured the pain of childbirth, the one who provides natural nourishment. Me! Mommy!

I am very blessed to have chosen a man who will slay the dragons day and night for his family; a man who truly understands how important it is to have their mother nurture and love his children. Will we have to make sacrifices to live this way? YES! Will we have to downsize our beautiful house to keep health insurance? Maybe. Will we have to only have one car, no cable, no internet, no fancy cell phones? Already did. These sacrifices are meaningless knowing my husband and children get all of me. Not a hurried, frazzled, stressed-out wife and mother who only has time to fix dinner (if we were lucky), give baths, and put the kids to bed before she collapses.

We're taking the leap of faith Dr. Laura! The leap to one income, because we know without a doubt it is the right thing to do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being an advocate for stay-at-home moms. I am so grateful my husband got me reading your books and listening to you on the radio!

So even though I am going through the weird emotions of quitting my career, I couldn't be happier! I am trading in acclamations at luncheons for gooey kisses and gummy smiles at home!

Thank you for being a part of my life Dr. Laura.



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