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Email of the Day

Granddad's Little Girl
Hello Dr Laura,

When I was 5 years old, I visited my grandma and granddad in the United Kingdom.  They really doted on me and gave me their complete attention, unlike at home where there were two other siblings vying for it.   Then when I was 13, my grandma died and my newly widowed granddad came to visit us in Canada for 3 weeks.  I grew very attached to him during his visit.

We took him to the airport to return to the UK.  After saying a hurried good-bye, I can still see this elderly man walking/limping determinedly with two canes towards security at the airport. I put my head in my mum's arms and just howled, cried, and wept from somewhere deep inside - loudly and for a long time. I was so very, very sad and didn't understand where this emotion came from, but I understand better now as an adult - it was bound up in my love for him and my late grandma. It was about being afraid for his safety and feeling so useless.

I later moved to the UK and spent many happy years visiting my granddad and his new wife,  but because of this move, there were to be many more good-byes at airports throughout my life.  Saying goodbye to my parents was always very hard, but none was so wrenching as that 'first' good-bye when I was 13.

Thank you for your program and your books. I enjoy reading your Daily Dose every day.


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