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Letters From Listeners

Growing Up With Dr. Laura

Dr. Laura,

I've been listening to you ever since I can remember. It was almost like you were my second mom. The earliest memory I have of you was sitting at the kitchen table while my mom cooked, with your voice on the radio in the background. 

The reason I'm writing you today is to let you know that I met someone. I've met a lot of people in my 24 years, but this one's different. We've been together for a year now. Since this is a record for me, we have started to talk about marriage. You tend to say, "I wish people would call me before getting married, so I wouldn't have to fix these things after." Part of me wants to call you, not to complain, but to gush like a little school girl. I don't want to waste the time you have to actually help people, so instead I've decided to send you this e-mail.

I'm able to say that I've become an impressive and independent woman. I have multiple jobs and I'm also fixing up a house that I just bought. My stud muffin has been working up the ranks at his bank and is now the official Manager of his own branch. I couldn't be more proud of him. My Stud Muffin comes over with flowers or chocolate when he knows I've had a tough day. I surprise him with Star Wars and M&M's when he's had his own bad day. We're learning to cook and how to fix the house together, as a team. It seems like every day we are growing with one another. He treats me better than any man I've ever met; even rivaling my father which I thought was impossible. Since my mom knew that she was picking the father of her children, she wanted to give us the best. I have the most amazing father.

In short, I just wanted to say thank you so much for being a strong guiding force my entire life. 


P.S. No, we've never "Shacked Up" and are waiting until after marriage for him to move in. I told him this from the beginning that it was important to me, and he has always respected that.

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