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Email of the Day

HUG ME, HUG ME, HUG ME.....It's a Miracle!!
IconDear Dr. Laura, As I drove down the road listening to you counsel the young lady to greet her hubby by a silly voice..." Hug me, hug me, hug me ", I way would that ever work. Brother, Dr. Laura!! Well...let me tell you...I tried it myself this morning! WOW...instant results. The look on my husband's face about melted my heart as his arms immediately took me in for an absolutely awesome hug! I thought about it all day today, and how it changed the tone of our day. We are not newlyweds, and frankly, life recently has had many changes and challenges....first child off to college, other children back to school, work and financial pressure, among other things. It just seemed as though we were orbiting on different planets. No big problems, just little gnawing ones that eat away at marital bliss. I was not being appreciative of him and his constant, stable presence in my life, as well as our children's. So your advice gave me a challenge that I decided to take! And it has put us both back on the same planet!! Just the beginning of many more meaningful hugs...many more times a day! Thanks for all you do for marriage!!! I SURE APPRECIATE YOU! L.
Tags: Marriage, Response To A Call, Women's Point of View
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