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Letters From Listeners

Half-Night Stands are the New Thing

Dear Dr. Laura,

I just read this article, and I had to send it to you. I thought one night stands were the worst. It ends up one whole night is too long to spend with a person so now they have HALF night stands.

People prefer not to bother with words to set up the hook up session; they just use emoji's! One lady in the article explains that sex is as meaningless as having a "glass of water", but she would never kiss one of those guys because that would be too "intimate." I recall a scene in Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts, where she was just starting out as a prostitute and her prostitute friend told her to never kiss the guys she has sex with.

What a crazy world we live in. If you would like to read it, click here

Thank you for all you do and the values you endeavor to instill in your listeners! 

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Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Personal Responsibility, Sex, Social Issues
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