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Email of the Day

Happy Birthday, To The Woman Who Put Me First


Dr. Laura:

I want to take some time to praise my mom, Amy, who listens to your show faithfully.  She had a birthday recently, so I'm hoping this letter comes as a "late birthday" surprise for her.  

My mom is a stay-at-home mom.  When I was really young, she used to be in real estate and I always wondered why she quit.  Now that I am older, I know the reason is that my twin and I were a huge handful (and still are).  We are teenagers, and since we're still not old enough to drive cars, she has to take us to all of our extracurricular activities.  I know we are a pain, but she still loves us dearly and keeps her patience most of the time.  When she doesn't, you really can't blame her.  She is the most wonderful woman, and I don't seem to appreciate her enough, so I feel that writing this letter is a grand gesture that would show her in a small way the extent that I love her.  

She is the best mom I could wish for and puts much and time and effort into making me happy and comfortable.  So, I think it would be amazing if you could read this letter on the air.  Mom, I love you.  And thank you, Dr. Laura, for giving her something of quality to listen to during all of the hours she spends in the car with us.




Tags: Day Care, Motherhood-Fatherhood, Stay-at-Home Mom, Teens, Values
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