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Letters From Listeners

Hardships And Joys

My parents were great for the most part. We usually only had problems when they drank. At least once per week I promised myself I would not subject my children to this kind of upbringing.

Unfortunately, the wonderful woman I married developed some bad health conditions. From that point on it was like a hell on earth. I tried in vain to create happiness for her. She just wouldn't Or couldn't respond in the same fashion. I did not turn to alcohol but spent many a day in dread and despair.

My point is, no matter what one may have to endeavor in life, it sometimes does not produce the desired results. Life is full of both hardship and joys. I'm hanging around for the joys!

I love and appreciate you Dr. Laura.

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Tags: Attitude, Marriage, Men's Point of View, Mental Health, Parenting, Personal Responsibility, Values
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