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Letters From Listeners

Having Someone Who Can Help

Hi Dr. Laura,

Listening to a recent caller who was molested by her grandfather brought me to tears and just confirmed how much I appreciate and love you. Telling her to call you anytime (instead of suppressing her emotions through eating) and that you would be her surrogate mother was so giving. I'm sure it helped her to know she has someone she can turn to for help.

You truly are a gift and I enjoy listening to you everyday. I need my Dr. Laura fix... I have been listening since the early 90's and you have truly helped me be a better person.  I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.

Also, I've noticed since you've been on SiriusXM you are much more relaxed and happy. Glad you are still here for us.


P.S. I once sailed to Hawaii from San Francisco (1970) with a family group. We were on a 40ft Catch and it was during the Trans Pac Race too. It was one of the highlights of my life. (I was 19 and fearless.)  I so enjoyed hearing your sailing stories of your recent venture. Kuddos to you for taking on the challenge. You are inspirational.

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