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Email of the Day

Holding the First of Three

My first "baby" was actually three -- triplet girls, each weighing under 3 pounds at birth. I was under general anesthesia when I had my C-section, so the first time I saw them was in Polaroid pictures.

A few days after their birth, one of them, Katie, was responding better than the others. She was already off the ventilator, and doing very well. I was visiting all three of them in the NICU when their primary nurse, JoAnn, (God bless her), saw the pain of my still-empty arms after years of infertility, two miscarriages, and a very difficult pregnancy.

She sat me down in a rocking chair, whispered "I'm not doing this" and put Katie in my arms.  At first I couldn't see Katie through my tears, but eventually I saw her perfect, tiny, beautiful face.  I got to hold her two sisters weeks later.

And yesterday, our three amazing girls turned 18.  I am forever grateful to JoAnn.


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