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Email of the Day

Homeschool is the Way to Go

Dear Dr. Laura, 

Usually I just love listening to the emails being read, but this was too close to home that I had to send a quick email about my thoughts on public school vs. homeschooling. 

First of all, I AM AN EDUCATOR. I have dedicated more than half of my life to education. I have taught for 13 years in 2nd, 3rd, or 5th grade. I have obtained a Master's Degree and several additional endorsements. 

I have enjoyed teaching up until the last few years when the government mandated the "One Size Fits ALL!" B.S. in education. Yes, that is what it is B.S! I will be the first one to say homeschooling is the way to go for anyone. But as I write this email, I need to make it clear this is what I see in my little neck of the woods in my district. States with more money may see things differently. I have been frustrated with the school system long enough to realize the programs that are in place for our students are not in the best interest of the children. I have seen our state and district "dumb" kids down and expect less and less of the students so they can say "Wow! Look how "smart" are kids are! They are all on a 60-70% average!" 

I find that even after my own children are in school for 6-7 hours per day, I am STILL supplementing them with my time, money, and resources to make sure they challenged and successful in school. All in all, if I am spending more time re-teaching and challenging my daughter and making sure my son is given the correct and best opportunities for him, they may as well stay at home--that would simply save everyone time and stress, including my children. HOMESCHOOLING IS THE WAY TO GO FOR ANYONE CONSIDERING IT! 


A Teacher

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