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Email of the Day

How I Handled my Son's Friends Pressuring Him to Do Dope

My son's friends called him over to spend the night as they had new video games. When he got there, no one was playing video games. They were high on drugs and tried to pressure him to try some with them. When he came home gray-colored that night, I asked him why he hadn't stayed over. He explained he didn't want to and went to bed. 

The next week, out of the blue he mentioned his "friends" had tried to get him to do drugs that night. I spent the next 2 weeks talking a few minutes each day about drugs, about how he was headed down a different road from those friends, how he was successful and they weren't, and about the new laws concerning guilt by association.  He let me know their house was robbed just after I said druggies rob each other.

Meanwhile, I called the police. I wish more parents would. But a police officer shared the driveway with that house, and was more interested in selling his home than shutting down the drug house.

Finally, I realized the house was within 500 feet of a grade school. I called the school principal, who proudly told me she spoke with the police chief. I had the county nurse call and complain about the drug house. I informed the neighbors across the street from the house. The police are now finally working on shutting it down and asked me to give them time. If every parent in town would do what I did, the drug business would be out of business.

I am so proud of my son for talking to me, as I am a divorced mom and it’s tough raising my son without his dad's participation.


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