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Email of the Day

How Long Will It Take for My Husband to Come Back to Me?

During a recent counseling session I told my husband I was starting to imagine my life without him. As I uttered these words I saw the hurt in my husband's entire being - it was as if I took a needle to a balloon - all the air had literally escaped him. I knew I had hurt him, but at that same moment I realized he still loves me - he still wants to be with me. After that session, we did not speak for two days - that was on a Monday. 

Tuesday, I downloaded to my iPad The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands and initially downloaded the sample because I wasn't yet a believer. I began highlighting words.  Before I knew it the sample ended and I immediately downloaded the full version. I started from the very beginning, highlighting words and the first set of words I highlighted was from the Author's Note "...finding one or two things to compliment their husband about (no matter how small) each day for five days". Easy I thought - that's something I USED to do. The next day, I was on a quest to win back my husband.

Wednesday morning he awoke for work and I said, "Good morning, Sweetie," (something I USED to do).  Although he replied - he was cold and had every right to be - after all I had not been the wife he fell in love with. He showered, dressed and before he left, I said, "You look handsome, Sweetie," (something I USED to tell him). He thanked me, left and again he was cold. Wednesday evening, I initiated conversation with my husband, but although he was cold, I remained focused. 

Thursday morning was the same as Wednesday, but on this day I called my husband at work (something I USED to do) to let him know I was thinking about him and looked forward to seeing him when he arrived home that night.  I say night because he made plans after work that did not include me - I was hurt, but remained focused. I waited up for my husband and when he arrived, I tried engaging him in conversation and although he responded, he was cold. My husband showered, climbed into bed and placed the pillow over his face. I assumed he was ready for sleep so I told him, "Goodnight," turned off the lights and moved to a quiet corner of the bedroom to continue reading The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. Inspired, before I climbed into bed, I gently kissed my husband on the lips and whispered "I love you" (something I USED to do).

As I laid in bed with my back to my husband thinking, "How long will it take for him to come back to me," he spoons me and I smile. We made passionate love (something we USED to do) and during our time of intimacy I apologized to my husband, asked for his forgiveness and vowed to be the wife he deserved and the woman he fell in love with. It took only 2 days for my husband to come back to me. 

As I wipe these tears of joy from my keyboard I want to say THANK YOU DR. LAURA FOR The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands


P.S. - I also downloaded the FULL version of The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage.
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