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Email of the Day

How Many Kids Have You Got?

Before my husband passed away, someone asked him why, after over 23 years of marriage, we had NO children. God never blessed us with a child. 

They went on to ask if we even liked children.  To me, my husband's response was the best.  He told them, "We have been trying so long and have not figured it out. I wonder what we’re doing wrong?  Do you want to give us some pointers?" He then went on to say "You do know we are having the time of our lives trying though!" This person never asked us again about our lack of children.

We did however have a very important part in the lives of almost all of our 70 plus nieces and nephews.  While they were growing up, if they could not get along with Mom and Dad, they came to our farm.  They learned the facts of life while working our dairy, and had responsibilities doing cattle chores and helping with the house work.

I really miss my down-to-earth husband and use his sayings a lot to get points across. He had a subtle way of telling you things and not putting you down at all.  He would just make you think. God bless his memory.



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