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Letters From Listeners

How Not to Raise a Child

Dr. Laura,

With your help, I've developed my own 'dogma' for raising children over these past 15 years. I decided to write some of it on my blog today:

How Not to Raise a Child

I am a big advocate for families... I think that the basis of society is the family. Procreation is the epitome of life and raising a child in a loving and nurturing environment is essential to their health as an adult. Regardless of the trends in "modern families", this fact will always be true. Selfishness, greed, pride-- unfortunately these sins get in the way of doing what's right and what's best for the family. These are some of my ways not to raise a child…

I'm not sure if I'll have people agreeing with me or not, but I wanted to share it because it took a long time to know this (as all wisdom does!).

If you get a second, peruse my list... I hope you agree!



Tags: Family/Relationships - Children, Parenting, Raising children, Values
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