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How Popular Culture Harms Girls

I see popular culture harming girls from before the cradle all the way to the grave. I am the father of adopted twin daughters. Adopted is relevant since today's culture almost resulted in the birth mother aborting them.

So, if the daughter survives the womb, they move on to fairy-tale books where the toad becomes the prince, never "the nice guy who treats her well." Then there are the Disney movies. The Beast, who imprisoned her father, changes. Aladdin is a thief who will show her a world he's never seen himself. On to the soap opera and chick-flick males who are rarely hard-working, responsible men and the men who go to work in suits are villains. Let's not ignore the fixation with vampires and werewolves who cannot get too upset or they will lose control and hurt the girl, but underneath they are kind fluffy puppies with bad teeth.

Popular culture teaches girls that casual sex is freedom, sex with boyfriends is love, yet sex with husbands who commit to them is oppression.


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