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Email of the Day

Husband of the Decade

Dear Dr. Laura:

I know you aren’t running a contest, but I must tell you about the "Husband of the Decade".

Since I was a teenager, I thought I would not get married or have children, based on what I witnessed during my childhood: divorced parents and a mom who was left to raise NINE children without the daily help of a father figure.

Then, I bumped into an old business acquaintance and slowly my view changed. From the first, I knew he was different from other guys. He told me that night, "Since we bumped into each other, let me take care of you." I thought to myself, "That's kind of weird, but very sweet."

We started dating and got serious quickly. We discussed getting married and having children, but I told him that having kids changes everything (I was thinking of my parents and childhood at that time). He told me he wanted children, because (he said): "I think I have a lot to give." And for some reason, that spoke to me and I thought maybe I did too!

We married and have two children. Before having children, we decided that I would stay home and be Mom! No question about it. I understood what it meant to a child to come home from school to an empty house.

He provides us with everything we need and then some.  He is a shining example of what it means to be a parent, husband, son....and son-in-law!

He went out of his way to keep his parents close by.  He made it possible for my mother to live within a few miles of us.  And he has made gestures that have helped several of my siblings time and time again. He does this kind of thing for friends and strangers also. He has the best heart ever.

He and I are a team. It’s not always harmonious, and we disagree at times, but we know this family has to stick together. We both listen to your show and know when families break apart there can be horrible consequences. I had them occur in my family so I know firsthand!

I am going to go out on a limb here and for the benefit of your female listeners: I think he does what he does in part because I am a good wife. He sees that I would move heaven and earth for him and our children. I handle all the home stuff - the meals, the cleaning, homework, lunch packing, etc, etc. We are a TEAM.

I love him and appreciate all the work he puts into our relationship and our lives and that's why I consider my boyfriend the "Husband of the Decade".


Norma Jean

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