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I Chose Him Because Of How He Treats Me

I am celebrating five years of marriage today!  I was raised in a conservative home and taught from an early age that sex, while enjoyable, had the potential to produce a child and one does not risk that until they are ready for the responsibility and can provide a stable, loving home to raise that child.

Because of this, I decided that my first sexual experience would be with my husband.  I stuck with that decision through three years of dating, and it was hard!  However, what my boyfriend (now husband) and I did with our time was to go new places together and create fun memories while investing in getting to know each other.  I remember thinking that if I took love out of the picture, would I still pick this man for my husband?  The answer was simple and hasn't changed over our marriage.  

I chose him because of how he treats me.  He showed his love for me by being kind, patient, caring, thoughtful and even making sacrifices for me.  He is not perfect, but neither am I.  So that's why I chose him!  Just as I suspected, the qualities that I spent three years observing have carried over into fatherhood, and he is all those things and more with our sweet daughter.  And our wedding night was some kind of special!!  

Thank you for the values you encourage all of us to maintain.  I am living proof of the benefits of good decision-making!


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