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Letters From Listeners

I Chose My Career for My 82 Children - Not 84

Hi Dr. Laura,

I began my career in high school actually. I took a graphic design class and knew it was for me. As I looked into college and this career I discovered how flexible it was for a family. I knew I could work from home, work in the middle of the night and/or work part time. So I began my career with this goal in mind, got involved in the local art organization and grew my professional contact list so when I was ready, I could have a successful at home business if I chose to.

Flash forward to today and I am in the middle of transitioning out of my full time graphic design job because the first of my 82 children will be here in just three short months (he just kicked me to say "hello" to you!).

I plan on working for the art organization very part time and freelancing after the kiddo and I get accustomed to one another.

Thanks to the support of my wonderful momma, husband and you I can't wait to be a full time momma!

PS. I say 82 children because on my first date with my husband when I told him I was dating to find the father of my 84 children, he replied "Guess we're not a match, I only wanted 82". Ha! That won me over, and the chocolate cupcake he brought instead of flowers.


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