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Email of the Day

I Chose Well, But I Had No Idea HOW Well

He just left for his fifth tour to Afghanistan. He (almost!) finished my entire “honey-do” list before leaving. He left notes all over the house for me and our two daughters. He makes every effort to find a phone or Internet connection to call us throughout each deployment. He mails letters home. He took a stuffed horse with my daughter's voice recording in it (sticking out of his rucksack, the guys in his unit must have been very entertained) and is taking pictures of all of the places "Horsey" is going with him.

After 10 years of marriage, he is a more amazing man than the one I married because he WORKS at loving. He learns from his mistakes and makes positive changes because of them. He brags about me and our kids behind my back and in front of me. And he teaches me without "teaching.”

Hard to admire something more than the fact he's willing to defend our country over and over, but what do I admire MOST? That he can do that and do it well, while making me feel like the kids and I are his #1 priority.

I chose well, but I had no idea HOW well. What a lucky girl I am.


Tags: Admiration, Attitude, Behavior, Military, Raising Boys to Men, Read On-Air, Real man, Respect, Values
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