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Email of the Day

I Couldn't Have Asked For A Better Husband

Dear Dr. Laura:

I am a proud Army wife and a happy stay-at-home mom to two boys.  I've taken your advice on countless occasions and it never fails.  One day, I was listening to you at just the right moment.  Right before I listened, I had texted my husband about an issue we could have talked about when he got home.  I wondered why he was taking so long to get back to me and why he was so short with his responses when he did.  Then he told me he was at an important meeting, and when he finished, he called me right away to discuss what I had texted him about.  He wasn't upset with me bothering him and was very sweet on the phone.  

I took all of this for granted until I got in my car and I heard you talking about showing appreciation for the things your spouse does for you.  I thought about how rude I had been to keep interrupting him and at how nice he was for even responding to me at all.  Right after I heard you, I pulled the car over and sent him a text telling him how much I appreciated his getting back to me.  I told him I couldn't have asked for a better husband and how much I loved him.  

I'm now doing a much better job at making sure he knows how much I love and appreciate what a wonderful husband and father he is.
Your faithful fan,


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Tags: Choose Wisely-Treat Kindly, Dating, Marriage, Values
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