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Email of the Day

I Found You Too Late

I left my husband of 26 years four years ago.  I convinced myself that HE was at fault for everything wrong with our marriage.  I spoke badly about him to friends and family and convinced them that he was the cause of my terribly miserable life.  After I left, he refused to ever speak to me again.  During the first year, I cried and cried.  I called him and wrote him.  When our divorce was final, I got alimony, but he got happiness.  I was not there ridiculing his every move.  I was not there complaining that he was not this or that.  I now realize that I behaved like a rotten spoiled brat.

I wrote him a letter of apology, because he deserved it.  I hoped and prayed he'd forgive me.  He is now remarried, hopefully to a woman who appreciates all the same things he did for me.  He probably wakes up every day with a smile.  I hope she listens to you and takes your advice.  I found you too late.  It doesn't matter that I thought I was a good wife and that I did a lot of kind, loving things for him, because I tore them all down and crushed his heart and soul.  

Ladies, please take care of your husband, and listen to Dr. Laura or you will be left with a broken heart that he had nothing to do with!  I did this all to myself, and I want others to learn from my mistakes.  No one deserves to be the recipient of the behavior I inflicted on my husband.


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Tags: Behavior, Marriage, Personal Responsibility, Values, Women's Point of View
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