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Letters From Listeners

I Had to Turn Off Your Show

Dr. Laura,

I have listened to you on and off for a few years now and I even try to refer your show to others for some direction in life.

Nothing prepared me for the recent pickle I was just in. Long story short, I was seeing an unavailable man (not married) but otherwise.  I justified it by telling myself they weren't married and honestly that was true. Overall I thought we'd eventually end up together. Fast forward to the other night, I was contacted via text by the other woman and was given "a little advice" by her. I did not indulge in the banter but after sleeping on it, I came to this conclusion: This seriously hurt my character, my morals and respect for myself. I made a bad judgment call out of a feeling and I am left to hurt. I have to carry the shame with me that I am now the talk of the town and the rumors are flying. I decided to apologize to myself and hold my head up high instead of locking myself in a room. I made a mistake. I hope they decide to get healthy because they deserve each other!

So, during your show, I turned you off and went to purchase "10 Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives". Getting ready to open the book now so today's show will have to be from the podcast.


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