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Letters From Listeners

I Keep My Mouth Shut

Dr. Laura,

I remember your advice to a past listener, you said the daughter-in-law was the lioness at the gate. If the mother-in-law wanted to see her grandchildren, she would have to comply with her daughter-in-law's wishes.

We rarely get to see our grandchildren because their parents keep them so busy that we only get the occasional babysitting. Once in a while we get to share a birthday party or the occasional holiday. 

In order for our grandchildren to know who we are, I keep my mouth shut! This ensures that we can see them once in a while. You were so right! Thank you for always looking out for children and helping show us an easy way to keep the peace. 

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Tags: Behavior, In-Laws, Motherhood-Fatherhood, Parenting, Relationships, Relatives, Response to a Call
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