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Email of the Day

I Love You, Mom

Dr. Laura:

I wanted to share this post my son wrote for me on Mother's Day - it was the best present I could have received!

Today, I honor my mother Nancy.  She's a very easy person to love.  She carried me for 9 months before I was born, making healthy decisions from eating right to sleeping well to maintaining high spirits, all of which were for my benefit.  She then nurtured me as an infant, always putting my needs above her own.  Through my adolescence, she supported all my endeavors - academically, socially and personally.  When I left home for college, I was always welcomed home with open arms, and we have remained close ever since.  In my adult life, she's been one of my best friends - always there to talk to me at any time of day or night.  And there's never a question in my mind about the quality of the advice she gives.  To say I wouldn't be where I am today without my mother is an understatement.  I owe my life to her, many, many times over.  What a blessing to have such a positive, uplifting, altruistic guide watching over me.  I love you, mom!

And thank YOU, Dr. Laura for your guidance and good advice on raising good children!







Tags: Adult Child-Parent, Attitude, Behavior, Parenting, Values
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