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Email of the Day

I Thought I Was A Pro

Dr. Laura:

Your program saved the life of a little girl a few weeks ago.  I'm still shaken up from my experience.

I used to be a chronic texter when I drove, because I thought I was a "pro" at it by typing a word, looking up at the road and typing another word.  I was listening to the opening of your show where you talked about "distracted driving," and sure enough, I had my phone in my hand, and I was texting away, thinking "Oh, yeah, Dr. Laura - nag, nag, nag!"  But then you mentioned that the time you looked down at your phone was the length of a football field, and I thought "no way!"  Then I noticed that I had looked down for almost the length of two telephone poles on the country road on which I was driving. That's when I put my phone down.

Less than a minute after I put my phone down, a little girl riding her bike fell out into the street right in front of me.  I slammed on my brakes and stopped just inches before hitting her.  Her mother came running and picked her up and I carried her little Disney Princess bike back to their front yard.  If I had been texting, I would have taken her life and destroyed a family.  Because of your broadcast that day and the analogy of the length of the football field, you opened my eyes and more than likely helped save that little girl's life.

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