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Email of the Day

I Want to 'Grow up' to Be Like Her

Dear Dr. Laura:

It wasn't until I had children that I realized the kind of mom/mother-in-law and grandma I really wanted to be.  And that is to be just like my mother-in-law.  Unfortunately, my mother was not the role model for us kids that we had hoped for, but my mother-in-law is!

I call her "mom," and she's cheerful and interested in other people.  I call my biological mother several times a month to see how she is, but I call my "mom" whenever I have something to share.  She is a happy 89 year old, and while she has the same kinds of age-related aches, pains, and worries as my real mother, she has a completely different mindset.  I'm taking notes, as I want to "grow up" to be like her.  

One of the reasons I love her is because she raised a wonderful son to whom I've been married for 37 years.  I am very lucky to have her in my life, and thank you for helping me realize that it was time to let her know how special she is.

A very grateful daughter-in-law,


Tags: Adult Child-Parent, Attitude, Behavior, In-Laws, Parenting, Relationships
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