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Email of the Day

I am a Homemaker

I recently received a notice from a company that is compiling an "alma mater" directory for the high school I attended, a prestigious, all-girls Catholic college preparatory school.  Most of the women in my graduating class went on to have successful careers after complete college.  I, too, went on and got a bachelor's degree in journalism and then additional teaching credentials.

Wanting to ensure my current contact information was correct, I called the company putting together the directory.  The person on the other end asked if I had a title or job position I wanted to include.  I thought for a minute and then said "homemaker."  She chuckled and asked if I really wanted her to put that down, and when I said "yes," she sighed and the call ended.  

I am my husband's girlfriend of 22 years and the proud mother of three children who have never been in daycare.  I didn't work outside the home until my youngest was in school, and only then during the hours she wasn't home.  I make sure my home is run smoothly and managed well, with a home-cooked dinner on the table almost every night.  My family is warm, loving and I wouldn't change a thing.

Thank you, Dr. Laura, for validating what we "homemakers" do.  Because of your constant defense and uplifting of the unsung and often belittled heroines of our culture, I was able to say with pride and confidence, "I am a homemaker."


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