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Email of the Day

I'm Not Lucky, I'm Doing My Job

Dear Dr. Laura:

We listened to a call recently about a mom with two kids in daycare.  We paused our homeschooling to listen to the entire call.  When you made the comment to "put your child in daycare when he's 31," we all burst out laughing at the same time.  I looked at my 12 and 13-year-old and I said: "did you miss me?"  "What do you mean?" they asked, perplexed.  I said, "well, the five times I left you with a sitter!"  They laughed, and when you came back from a break with the song "I Love How You Love Me," I took my oldest daughter in my arms and we danced.  These are the moments I live for.  These moments mean everything to me.

People tell me a lot that my kids are responsible, kind and smart.  I've gotten annoyed, however, when they say, "you're lucky."  Lucky???  Luck didn't have much to do with it.  God gave me what I have, and it is MY job to take care of it.  It's hard work.  I especially get those comments from moms who are to busy to be bothered with actual motherhood.  I guess they make themselves feel better by believing that I just got lucky.  

Thanks, Dr. Laura, for being a guiding light and imparting your wisdom.  My children, my boyfriend/husband, and I thank you!


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Tags: Day Care, Parenting, Personal Responsibility, Stay-at-Home Mom, Values
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