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Email of the Day

In-Home Counselor

Just wanted to send you big thanks for the counseling you have done in our home during the past dozen years. My husband (boyfriend at the time) turned me on to you when we started dating. I grew up in a gentle home, and you came across very harsh initially. In the beginning, I literally had to change the channel whenever you became passionate! But I always went back. The love and protectiveness you have in your huge heart for kids shined through in every call. I adore you for that, and try to emulate it as best I can.

My husband (of 9 years) and I have used your wisdom and never to be humble opinion to get us through many disagreements. "Dr. Laura would say...." comes out of both our mouths, and that's the end of it. Our last conflict was about my husband's drinking. He had become a pretty good alcoholic over the past 4 years. Reminding him that Dr. Laura says addiction is a valid justification for separation didn't convince him to stop, and I was torn. We have 3 small boys, and I was afraid to threaten him with leaving because what if he chose the alcohol? I loved him sober, but that became very rare and I didn't want my boys to grow up with a drunk. After hearing a Call of the Day regarding a woman in a situation very similar to mine, and you scolded her, and told her to kick him out that day, it gave me the support I needed. I finally told him I'd had enough. And after some kicking and screaming on his part, he chose us. He chose us! I have fallen in love with him again, and I'm so happy for my boys to have a loving, SOBER, dad in the home. This is the happiest I've been in our entire marriage, I believe.

Thank you, Dr. Laura, and keep it up. You help so many more people than just the ones that call in.


Tags: Health, Marriage, Regarding Dr. Laura, Response To A Call
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