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Letters From Listeners

In Today's World

Hi Dr. Laura,

Today you made me laugh when you asked for an explanation as to why callers have already done what you suggested or say they know! I want to give you my explanation on why I think they say this.

In today's world, everyone seems to know everything. Parents are raising children that are "so amazing and so smart!" We live in a time where if someone doesn't share your political view, you are called names and made to look like a bad person. Everyone seems to know it all. Dr. Laura, they don't care how many years of schooling, how long you have been helping people, all the years of teaching morals etc..... they know!!!

Sometimes I yell at my phone to the callers. Yeah, you didn't try that, you're not willing to take advice. If you are so smart and already know, then why call? You may actually hear me yelling all the way from Philadelphia!!!!
Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Humor, Regarding Dr. Laura, Response to a Comment, Values
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