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Email of the Day

In the Care of Those Who Don't Love You

Recently, I took my three kids and a friend of my son's out for his birthday.  We had a wonderful day and ended it with a quick meal at an indoor play place.  Another mom came in with four kids.  I made space at the table for her crew.  She put a box of fries and nuggets in front of them for lunch, and when I asked her if all four were hers, she replied "Oh no!  Thank goodness!  Taking care of them is my JOB!"

As the kids played, she went on to tell me how she enjoyed the younger  ones, but the older two she could do without.  Every day for two years, she said, the oldest one cries when her mom drops her off.  Her interpretation was that the oldest one had the mother wrapped right around her finger.  She said the kid was bratty, but she had to take care of her all day.

I felt awful for those children, in the care of someone who didn't love them, didn't brag about them, and wished their parents wouldn't take so long to pick them up.  I said, "The poor girl!  No one wants her, but all she wants is her mom."

 I'll never understand the concept of not raising your own kids.  A hard-working father and a stay-at-home mom raised me, and now I'm proud that I'm doing the same for my children.  Thank you for your encouragement for those of us who stay-at-home and love our kids every day.


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